Resources for Conducting Successful Outreach

Educational outreach activities are a critical part of every Western SARE funded project. We share some tips and resources for effective outreach on this page. If you have specific questions, email our Communications Manager Stacie Clary for assistance.

Field Day Tool Kit

Field days are educational events held on-farm or on-ranch. They are organized and hosted by the producer, oftentimes in collaboration with agricultural educators. The events usually include demonstrations of specific management practices and equipment and/or highlight research methods and results. This Farmer Field Day Toolkit includes tips and tools to help you plan a successful event, including a suggested timeline, how to work with the media and create press releases, and downloadable templates covering announcements, fliers and signage.

This toolkit is intended to support SARE Farmer/Rancher grantees hosting events related to their SARE-funded project. However, much of the materials and downloadable templates will apply to hosts of a variety of educational activities.


Find a variety of tips for taking, editing, captioning, and post of videos here.

A reminder - all video submitted with your project report must meet SARE's ADA policies.

Best Practices for Adult Learning

The Sustainable Agriculture through Sustainable Learning guide describes five best practices for adult learning that educators and farm advisors can use in their educational programs to enhance learning for farmers and others involved in agriculture.

Teaching and Learning Best Practices

Using the right teaching and learning strategies can help create an experience that addresses your audiences' needs and will make your program participants eager to implement change. Learning styles of participants varies but research has shown learning style preferences themselves are not as important as ensuring the content of your educational programs are of high quality, tailored to the needs of your audience, and developed with your specific audience in mind.

This executive summary will provide a high-level overview of the wide variety of learning styles and provide examples of educational strategies that can be used to appeal to a diverse set of learners.