Grants Life Cycle

This flowchart describes our grants’ life cycle from submission of proposal through management of grant.

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Western SARE provides grants in several categories. Each of these grants is available at specific times of the year. Applying online for a  grant is a simple step-by-step process. Please read each grant’s specific Calls for Proposals.

Grant writing webinars are being held in September 2021 for Farmer/Rancher and Professional + Producer. Webinars will be posted for later viewing as well.

  • Farmers in Pohnpei


    A farmer or rancher (lead) and an agricultural professional (technical advisor) work together to develop a project that conducts both research and outreach on a sustainable agriculture topic. $25,000 limit ($29,900 limit with three or more producers)/one to three years in scope.

  • Extension New Mexico

    Professional Development

    This grant program focuses on training agricultural professionals to help them spread knowledge about sustainable agriculture concepts and practices. Ag professionals are eligible to apply. $100,000 limit/one-three years in scope.

  • Soil Health Potato Farm

    Research to Grassroots

    RGR projects take the research results from previously funded SARE projects and bring those results into the field through education to ag professionals and producers. Each RGR proposal must include a team made up of producers, ag professionals, and possibly researchers. Representatives from land grant Universities, NGOs, agency employees, or producers may lead the project. $100,000 limit/one to three years in scope.

  • strawberry field day

    Productores Agrícolas

    Con la ayuda de un asesor técnico, productores agrícolas de la region oeste de los Estados Unidos podrán diseñar e implementar un proyecto de investigación de campo (en granja y/o huerta) y difusión educativa para mejorar la producción y mercadeo agrícolas, y los recursos naturales sobre los cuáles se basa la agricultura.

  • Professional + Producer

    An agricultural professional (lead) collaborates with producers to develop a project that conducts both research and outreach on a sustainable agriculture topic. $75,000 limit/one-three years in scope.

  • Sabbatical Research & Education

    Sabbatical Grants provide an opportunity for faculty around the world to partner with farmers, ranchers, agricultural professionals, and researchers of the Western U.S. region. Projects focused on unexplored topics in underserved communities and understudied geographic locations are of special interest. $75,000 limit/one year in scope.

  • Research and Education Pre-Proposal

    Researchers from Western institutions may apply. Projects must incorporate research and education, and bring together a team of researchers, students, ag professionals, and producers. Submission of Research and Education proposals is limited to applicants who submitted a successful pre-Proposal. Project budget is $350,000 maximum, with project length 1-3 years.

  • Graduate Student

    For graduate students in accredited institutions in the Western Region. Funded projects must contain distinct research and education components and have producer involvement.