Western SARE provides grants in several categories. Each of these grants is available at specific times of the year. Applying online for a  grant is a simple step-by-step process. Please read each grant’s specific Calls for Proposals.

  • Farmers in Pohnpei


    With the support and guidance of a technical advisor, farmers and ranchers will integrate research and education to conduct on-site/on-farm experiments to improve production, marketing, and the environment.

  • strawberry field day

    Productores Agrícolas

    Con la ayuda de un asesor técnico, productores agrícolas de la region oeste de los Estados Unidos podrán diseñar e implementar un proyecto de investigación de campo (en granja y/o huerta) y difusión educativa para mejorar la producción y mercadeo agrícolas, y los recursos naturales sobre los cuáles se basa la agricultura.

  • Professional + Producer

    This grant program involves agricultural professional in collaboration with producers implementing projects to address identified needs in sustainable agriculture.

  • Extension New Mexico

    Professional Development

    This grant program focuses on training agricultural professionals to help them spread knowledge about sustainable agriculture concepts and practices.

  • Soil Health Potato Farm

    Research to Grassroots

    Successful R2GR projects will take the research results from previously funded SARE projects and bring those results into the field through education to ag professionals and producers.

  • Sabbatical Research & Education

    Sabbatical Grants provide an opportunity for faculty around the world to partner with farmers, ranchers, agricultural professionals, and researchers of the Western U.S. region.

  • Graduate Student

    The Graduate Student Research and Education program is closed. Join our mailing list to be notified when it opens.

  • Research and Education

    The Research & Education program is closed. Join our mailing list to be notified when it opens.


Archived Call for Proposals

Below are the previous year’s Call for Proposals. These are to be used as EXAMPLES ONLY. Please be aware that upcoming Calls may differ. However by reviewing these documents you will get an idea of what Western SARE is looking for in a good proposal and begin your planning efforts.

Research and Education

Graduate Student