Western SARE provides grants in several categories. Each of these grants is available at specific times of the year. Applying online for a  grant is a simple step-by-step process. Please read each grant's specific Calls for Proposals. View our Grants Life Cycle Flowchart to better understand learning about, applying for, and managing a Western SARE grant.

  • bean field day

    Research and Education Pre-Proposal

    The Research & Education Program involves scientists, agricultural producers, and others using interdisciplinary approaches to advance sustainable agriculture through innovative research and outreach.

  • Farmers in Pohnpei


    The Farmer/Rancher Program focuses on advancing on-farm sustainability solutions by funding innovative producer-driven research and outreach.

  • Sabbatical Research & Education

    The Sabbatical Research & Education Program provides an opportunity for faculty around the world to partner with farmers, ranchers, agricultural professionals, and researchers of the Western U.S. region on innovative research and outreach.

  • Graduate Student

    The Graduate Student Research & Education Program involves Masters or Ph.D students partnering with producers on innovative research and outreach on key sustainable agriculture topics.

  • Professional + Producer

    The Professional + Producer Program provides opportunities for agriculture professionals working directly with farmers and ranchers on sustainable agriculture efforts.

  • Professional Development

    The Professional Development Program advances education and outreach strategies for professionals and educators who work directly with farmers and ranchers.

  • Research to Grassroots

    The Research to Grassroots Program involves interdisciplinary teams who take SARE research results out into the field.

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