Understanding Western SARE Grants Life Cycle

Understanding Western SARE Grants Life Cycle
Western SARE Actions Applicant Actions
Pre-Award Pre-Award
Post Call for Proposals on website and grants application platform, widely distribute CFPs, answer general questions about application. Determine which Western SARE grant program is right for you.
Download a copy of the Call for Proposals (CFP) from the appropriate program. Follow the CFP guidelines carefully.
Assemble your team and develop your project following the CFP guidelines.
Register at the online submission site and familiarize yourself with this platform.
Send acknowledgement of receipt of application Submit your proposal by the deadline.
Recruit and lead Technical Review Panels to assess and score technical merit of proposals
Forward ranking scores to Administrative Council which selects proposals to fund.
Notify all applicants regarding the status of their submission, including feedback of the proposal
Upon Approval Upon Approval
Western SARE Fiscal Manager sends notification with instructions for initiating the subaward process. Work with the Western SARE Fiscal Manager to initiate the Subaward process with MSU.
Once approved, MSU OSP emails the draft Subaward Agreement to all contacts listed on the Subrecipient Commitment Form, the Western SARE Regional Coordinator, and Fiscal Manager. Review draft Subaward Agreement sent by MSU Office of Sponsored Programs; ensure Authorized Official signs and returns the Subaward Agreement in a timely manner
A digital copy of the fully executed Subaward Agreement is returned to all Subrecipient contacts and Western SARE.
Manage Manage
Review all submitted reports in timely manner. Submit progress reports by the deadline; promptly address any questions arising from reports.
Review and authorize invoice payments; follow up if there are billing/spending issues. Regularly submit invoices for project-related expenses; monitor project expenses against approved budget
Submit re-budget request if required
Review and process requests for no cost extension and/or budget revisions If needed, request a no-cost extension at least 30 days prior to Period of Performance end date.
Submit final report and invoice by deadline.
Submit outreach products developed during the life of the project, following all guidelines for outreach products.