Responses to COVID-19 in Western Ag

Western SARE
Irene Grimberg | 2020

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Agriculture in the Western Region has been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and its resulting Shelter in Place orders, labor and processing challenges, and strongly shifting consumer behaviors and markets. It has also become clear that our agricultural community has been responding quickly and creatively.

Western SARE cares about our community and feels a responsibility to share ideas and strategies. Toward that end, we conducted a survey of our state coordinators and project leaders of grants funded in the past three years. The data and examples are listed below.

Download the full report with more detailed information, along with ideas provided on how Western SARE itself should adapt to the crisis.

How does COVID-19 affect food systems?

Food Production Survey Chart
Food Access Survey Chart
Food Distribution Survey Chart
Producers' Economic Impact Survey Chart

How does COVID-19 affect food prices in your community?

Food Prices Survey Chart

What adjustments is your community making regarding food production, distribution, and access?

Food Adjustments Survey Chart


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