Research to Grassroots

Closed - Opens May 2024

The Western SARE Research to Grassroots grant program is intended to address the barrier(s) to application/adoption of sustainable agriculture practices as identified in previous SARE research by clearly demonstrating to agriculture professionals and/or producers the environmental, social, and economic viability of the previous research and the benefits and challenges that selected previous work may present.

How the Program Works

The Research to Grassroots (RGR) grant program is built on the SARE concept that results of applied research are used to train agricultural professionals and farmers/ranchers in the latest practices of sustainable agriculture. Successful proposals must incorporate the research results from SARE-funded research projects and bring those results into the field through education for ag professionals and producers, emphasizing the strengths and barriers to adoption of the selected previous work, ultimately helping to increase producer confidence in adopting sustainable agriculture practices.

Research Results

Results from previous SARE-funded research must be the basis of your RGR project. Search our projects database to find SARE research!

Search Database

Funding for Research to Grassroots grants are based upon the idea that these grants will “complete the circle” of research by providing feedback loops between producers, educators, and scientists.

Project approaches can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Trainings
  • Focus Groups
  • Curricula or Materials Development
  • Demonstrations
  • Web-based Courses
  • Tours
  • Digital Media

Archived CFPS are to be used as EXAMPLES ONLY. Please be aware that upcoming Calls may differ. However by reviewing these documents you will get an idea of what Western SARE is looking for in a good proposal and begin your planning efforts.

graphic showing 3 legs of sustainability

Successful projects incorporate the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of sustainable agriculture. Projects can be up to 3 years (36 months) in length and funded up to $100,000.


Proposals Due: November 1

Review Panel Meets: December/January

Award Decisions: February/March

Project Funds Available: April

Next CFP: Spring 2024

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