Specialty Crop Production in High Tunnels

Created with SARE support
Brent Black, Dan Drost, Britney Hunter and Daniel Rowley | 2010

A three-year, SARE-funded project focused on developing fruit and vegetable systems suited to high tunnel production in the high-elevation arid Intermountain West. Successful systems were developed for lettuce, tomato, squash and strawberry production. Work with brambles showed that methods suited to other regions were not locally appropriate.

The following Utah State University Cooperative Extension fact sheets were developed in connection with this research:
High Tunnel Strawberry Production.pdf 1.28 MB
Strawberry Plug Plant Production.pdf 942.96 kB
High Tunnel Summer Squash Production.pdf 679.51 kB
Fall-bearing Raspberries in High Tunnels.pdf 470.72 kB
High Tunnel Tomato Production.pdf 733.20 kB
High Tunnel Lettuce in Utah.pdf 732.30 kB

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