Adapting to a Changing Climate

How Western SARE is Meeting the Needs of a Warming West

Steve Elliott, Stacie Clary, Diane Nelson | | 28 pages

Western SARE has released our 28-page publication, Adapting to a Changing Climate: How Western SARE is Meeting the Needs of a Warming West.

More and more, and louder and louder, farmers and ranchers are telling Western SARE that climate change is here and hampering their ability to produce the food and fiber we all depend on.  Looking back through the grant proposals we’ve received and the projects we’ve funded, the trends are clear. Before 2005, the number of proposals focused on climate change was in the single digits annually. From 2006 to 2016 it was in the teens. Since then, the number has grown into the 20s and 30s.

This report highlights just a sample of the innovative climate-related projects we have funded and research we’ve supported.  As you’ll see, it’s as varied and diverse as the American West itself. 

Read 16 stories about Farms and Drought; Forests and Fires; Pacific Islands and Sea Levels; and Rangelands and Ranching.

Please contact Stacie Clary if you'd like to order a free hard copy.