Western SARE Announces 2021 Funding

April 13, 2021

As part of its 2021 grant awards, the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (SARE) approved almost $5.5 million for 50 projects in 11 Western states.

Information and contact information can be found by following the project number link.

TitleGrant ProgramProject NumberFundsState
Natural Resource Conservation Professional Development ProjectPDPWPDP21-00796400AZ
Increasing the Online Communication Toolbox for Sustainable Rangeland Management: A Train-the-Trainer ProgramPDPWPDP21-02699993AZ
Evaluating Different Value-added Grains for Lassen CountyFarmer/RancherFW21-37625000CA
The effects of biochar soil amendments on industrial hemp yieldsFarmer/RancherFW21-37725000CA
Increasing food yields from urban and peri-urban farms through deployment of small-scale agricultural technologiesFarmer/RancherFW21-37925000CA
Increased Profitability for Small Farms in Silicon Valley Through Year-Round Production of Baby GreensFarmer/RancherFW21-38523204CA
Improving Soil Health with biochar and compost application in North Coast VineyardsFarmer/RancherFW21-38624583CA
Using Flavonoid and Polyphenol Testing of Honey to Improve Consumer EducationFarmer/RancherFW21-38725000CA
Farming Through Wildfire Season: Preparation, Resilience & RecoveryPDPWPDP21-00574108CA
Building Capacity to Reduce Human-Wildlife ConflictPDPWPDP21-00979037CA
Empowering Agricultural Professionals to Support Beneficial Birds and Discourage Pest BirdsPDPWPDP21-02293851CA
Enabling improved environmental outcomes/farm economics for sugarbeet farmers using improved nutrient stewardshipProfessional + ProducerOW21-36875000CO
Strengthening Opportunities Along the Meat Supply Chain to Promote Sustainable Agriculture in Intermountain StatesResearch & EducationSW21-921349994CO
Growing Heritage Grains for Market ProductionPDPWPDP21-01675671CO
Reviving the Range School: Range Science Training for Colorado Extension AgentsPDPWPDP21-01760007CO
Training Colorado educators about Sustainable Co-existence between ranchers and wolvesPDPWPDP21-02999949CO
The Mango Loa Project phase two: Improving Hawaii's mango industry by incorporating high density orchard management systemsFarmer/RancherFW21-37516533HI
Growing Table Grape Varieties for Subtropical Hawaii Using Organic PracticesFarmer/RancherFW21-37825000HI
Evaluating the Potential of Cover Crops to Mitigate the Impact of Phytophthora in Macadamia OrchardsFarmer/RancherFW21-38124574HI
Regenerating Hawaii's Soils - A Battalion of Hawaii's Indigenous Microbes – Optimization and timeline to microbially regenerate our degraded soil.Farmer/RancherFW21-38425000HI
Economic Evaluation of Beef Cattle Production Models and Marketing Alternatives in HawaiiResearch & EducationSW21-92051386HI
Soil health and profitability implications of including brown mustard and its products in an integrated wireworm management systemResearch & EducationSW21-922349919ID
Collaborative monitoring for ranch resilience and social-ecological sustainability in central MontanaFarmer/RancherFW21-37229000MT
Evaluating Clamp Storage to Help Montana Farmers Adjust to Climate Change-Induced Shortened Harvest WindowsFarmer/RancherFW21-38225000MT
Indigenous Food-Science-Ways: Integrating Indigenous knowledge with food science research and education to support value-added Native foodsResearch & EducationSW21-929349898MT
Intercropping chickpea with flax: An alternative sustainable way to manage Ascochyta blight of ChickpeaResearch & EducationSW21-930347557MT
Montana's Soil Health Network: Deepening the Roots in Four RegionsResearch to GrassrootsWRGR21-00151223MT
Participatory Training in Small-scale Anaerobic Digestion of Agricultural ResiduesResearch to GrassrootsWRGR21-00695000MT
Building productivity and soil health with erosion control structures in arid rangelands: effects of organic amendments and seeding.Professional + ProducerOW21-36274932NM
Native Habitat Enhancement for IPM in New Mexico VineyardsResearch to GrassrootsWRGR21-00591533NM
Mushroom Farming Research and Education to Bring Greater Equity and Diversity to the Food SystemFarmer/RancherFW21-38025000OR
Optimizing vole trapping strategies in annual and perennial cropping systemsProfessional + ProducerOW21-36474364OR
Overseeding novel forages in Oregon as a model for enhancing perennial grass pastures in the Pacific NorthwestProfessional + ProducerOW21-36575000OR
Establishing a participatory research network for drought-tolerant corn production in the Pacific NorthwestProfessional + ProducerOW21-36674990OR
Analyzing Production Costs of Organic Hazelnuts in OregonProfessional + ProducerOW21-36773124OR
Bridging the communication gap: toward a more informed public understanding of sustainable farmingResearch & EducationSW21-928348841OR
Developing sustainable strategies for nutrient and pest management on small-acreage strawberry farmsResearch & EducationSW21-923349736UT
Dry Matter Intake and Feed Efficiency of Four Dairy Breeds in a Pasture-Based Heifer Development ProgramResearch & EducationSW21-927299935UT
Assisting Extension professionals in assessing profitable and sustainable agricultural enterprises with producer clientelePDPWPDP21-01299969UT
Adoption of Rootstocks for Sustainable Wine Grape Production in Columbia Valley, WashingtonFarmer/RancherFW21-37325000WA
Ecological and Economic Impacts of Transition to an Apple/Hay Agroforestry SystemFarmer/RancherFW21-37424818WA
Genomic Selection as a Risk Management Tool for U.S. DairiesResearch & EducationSW21-925349876WA
Diversifying Northwestern fields and palatesResearch & EducationSW21-926349999WA
Digital Agriculture Training Workshop: Managing Input Using On-farm DataPDPWPDP21-00876365WA
Visualizing Microbial AgroecologyPDPWPDP21-030100000WA
Increasing Farm Resiliency Through Implementing and Modeling Pollinator HabitatResearch to GrassrootsWRGR21-00384480WA
Building a grassland grazing association to support conservation grazing on working lands in southwest WAResearch to GrassrootsWRGR21-00980000WA
Trout Creek Pumpkin Patch: adding new revenue streams on a traditional cow/calf ranchFarmer/RancherFW21-38314750WY
Kernza® in Wyoming: Evaluating Perennial Grains to Revitalize Wyoming Dryland AgricultureProfessional + ProducerOW21-36374804WY
Rancher to Consumer Meat ConnectionPDPWPDP21-02475648WY

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