Welcome to Western SARE Program Manager

August 12, 2021

Western SARE welcomes Cayley Eller as Program Manager for the Farmer/Rancher grant program.  Joining us as of August 2, Cayley oversees the application, awarding, and reporting requirements for the Farmer/Rancher program. She also supports applicants in the submission process, organizes and facilitates technical review panels, and assists with other programs where needed. She is excited for the chance to be out in the field and learn about the impact that grant awards are making in local communities. 

“I am thrilled to be managing the Farmer/Rancher grant program, where I will be able to work with producers who are making positive grassroots improvements to address social and environmental sustainability. Having a background that spans environmental science, food systems, and agriculture, I look forward to supporting the innovative on-the-ground work that farmers and ranchers throughout the western region are doing to address climate challenges and improve their local communities and food systems.”

Cayley comes to Western SARE with an extensive educational background combined with practical farming experience. She earned her Master of Science in Food Systems and Society from Oregon Health & Science University, with a focus on food system planning to mitigate the exacerbation of social inequities for producers by climate change. Previously, she studied Sustainability and Environmental Science as an undergraduate at Alaska Pacific University, which is going through an institutional transition to become a Tribal University.

Before joining Western SARE, Cayley worked on the improvement and expansion of a program that supported rural climate solutions through regenerative agriculture and fire/forest resilience initiatives at the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment at UC Berkeley Law. She also helped them launch the exploratory phase of building a national service program that will focus on food system resilience. 

She has farmed in Alaska, California, and New Zealand and continues to farm cut flowers.

“Having grown up in Alaska where there are many rural and indigenous populations, who are uniquely impacted by climate instability and food system disturbances, I have a great desire to promote resilience, sovereignty, and sustainability in our food systems. I believe that the farmer/rancher program provides an important service to the long under-resourced farming communities that play an important role in resource management, ecological climate solutions, and upholding healthy food systems.”

To learn more about the Farmer/Rancher grant program, email Cayley at celler@sare.org.

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