Dr. Clayton Marlow Named Regional Coordinator

August 21, 2020
Dr. Clayton Marlow

After a comprehensive search, Western SARE and Montana State University announce that Dr. Clayton Marlow has been selected as our Regional Coordinator.

 “The AC is pleased with the selection of Dr. Clayton Marlow for the position of Regional Coordinator for the Western SARE program. The AC has worked with Clayton during his tenure as Interim Regional Coordinator. The Executive Committee for the AC has worked with him on items related to the search for the new Associate PDP Coordinator. We have found him to be thoughtful, transparent, and forward-thinking about Western SARE. We are looking forward to working with him,” says AC Chair Julie Maitland.

Clayton is a veteran professor of MSU’s Animal and Range Sciences Department with extensive expertise and experience. His research focuses on the enumeration and description of the cumulative effect of grazing, wildfire suppression, and habitat preservation on the physical and biological processes that create and sustain lotic riparian ecosystems. In his classes, Clayton enjoys preparing students to advance the conservation of natural resources and those families and communities that rely on agriculture, fishing, hunting, logging, and eco-tourism.

Clayton was on the board serving as Vice-President, and then President, of the Society for Range Management.  Community is important to him, for example volunteering as a Dishwasher/Waiter at the Community Cafe, Montana HRDC.

“I am excited to work with Western SARE’s diverse stakeholders to address unique local needs and conditions with local and regional expertise.  Western SARE will continue bringing together traditional (land-grant) and non-traditional (farmers and nonprofit) researchers and educators in the West to effect a truly sustainable food and fiber system. That focus is what makes SARE stand out amongst other research programs,” says Clayton. 

Moving forward, Clayton plans to continue Western SARE’s efficient grants administration program as well as a re-invigorated effort to mentor farmers, ranchers, NGOs, and educators to be successful applicants. He will focus on shortening the time between submission of projects’ results in final reports and our publication of “on the ground” guides and podcasts.  With the AC and staff, he will promote informed research on topics that help producers become more resilient in the face of socio-economic upheavals (such as pandemics) and climate change.

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